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NIH ME/CFS Advocacy Call. An update on NIH’s efforts to advance ME/CFS research.

Trauma and Mind Body Super Conference: The broader understanding of the social root causes of health conditions.

 Ji Suk Yi’s WGN Radio program. Leonard Jason interviewed on recent George Floyd death and COVID-19.

Grant writing for community psychologists. Lecture by Leonard Jason for  Chris Keys’ SCRA Research Scholars. 

Roots of violence video presentation full version.

Roots of violence video presentation abridged version. 

Leonard Jason’s talk on policy at the  2019 Biennial Workshop Presentation.

Ethical Humanist Society of Chicago. Lecture by Leonard A. Jason. Understanding Unexplained Illness: From Knowledge to Action.

#MillionsMissing Protest in Chicago. Leonard Jason’s speech.

Systems Science and Social Change. Lecture by Leonard Jason given in community psychology class at DePaul University

ME and CFS research and politics. Lecture by Leonard Jason given in community psychology class

The National Society for ME patients’ Fall 2015 conference “The Invisible – a conference on severe ME and CFS and the way forward”, in Stockholm. Leonard A. Jason. Defining Essential Features of ME and CFS.

Summit on Fatigue and Health

DePaul University Chili Challenge!

WVUM 90.5FM. We Are The Voice. – Where are the patients? The role of community psychology in engaging patients in their own lives.

Presentation on the Case Definition at the 2014 NIH P2P Workshop titled: “Advancing the Research on Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”

SCRA webinar on Social Change through Social Policy, by Ken Maton and Leonard Jason

Social action: A fundamental value of community psychology:

Jason live keynote on Principles of Social Change at the Miami Biennial:

Funny segment on dog feces within the keynote Principles of Social Change Biennial talk:

YouTube video on Oxford House collaboration titled: “Community Psychology: Partnerships for Social Justice”:

YouTube video gives prospective graduate students more information about Leonard Jason, a member of the community faculty at DePaul University:

YouTube introduction to the Center for Community Research:

8 broadcasts out of the Netherlands regarding a patient program called: Science to Patients.

In this first webinar, Jason discusses some of his current research with ME.

In the second webinar, Jason discusses the name and case definition.

The third webinar covers what might cause ME, the stigma associate with ME.

The fourth webinar explains the difference between ME and Major Depressive Disorders.

The fifth webinar involves treating and managing of ME.

The sixth webinar involves symptoms of ME and treatments.

The seventh webinar involves the need for services and social action.

The last webinar involves future directions for ME research.

Llewellyn King’s White House Chronicle Television show

Llewellyn King interviews of Leonard Jason for ME/CFS Alert:

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3