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Webinar on Mixed Methods


About the Webinar
Quantitative research methods have the most power to appeal to collaborators in funding and policy, while qualitative studies can enhance the validity or trustworthiness of inferences and assertions by providing mutual confirmation of findings. Mixing qualitative and quantitative research methods can provide deeper exploration of causal mechanisms, interpretation of variables, and contextual factors that may mediate or moderate the topic of study. Additionally, formative mixed methods can be instrumental in learning how to access and develop trusting relationships with different sectors of a community (Jason and Glenwick, 2012), and combining these methods can be most effective when undertaking community-based issues. In this webinar, participants will get an introduction to the different approaches used in conducting mixed-methods research, including the benefits and challenges.

Leonard Jason presented a webinar for the Office of Disease Prevention NIH webinar on Mixed Methods in Disease Prevention & Health Promotion Research.